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Development of a concept and implementation plan for a sustainable crop production system for FRoSTA

In conjunction with the reorientation of the FRoSTA brand name, there are new requirements for raw fruit and vegetable products such as

  • controlled growth conditions and ensured retraceability
  • documentation of all cultivation measures relevant for product safety (FRoSTA purity requirements), especially crop protection, and
  • accordance of cultivation conditions with the principles of sustainability, i.e. in particular fulfilment of clear environmental and social standards.

In order to provide for these demands, the IfLS is developing a system for FRoSTA allowing the worldwide control of the cultivation conditions of raw products as well as ensuring – on the basis of communicable criteria – product safety, environment-friendliness and the fulfilment of social standards. As for the design of the contents and modus operandi, the feasibility of the control system and communicable requirements, indicators and conrol criteria are issues demanding special attention.

The control system is elaborated in three steps:
(1) status quo analysis
(2) concept development and
(3) implementation plan.

By means of visits to 2 to 3 strategically important deliverers, the forms of data collection and documentation employed by the producers are to be identified. Results will serve to develop the basis for the assessment and weighing of sustainability components within the cultivation system, as especially environment-relevant primary data can be collected easier in Germany than in other locations.

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Conception | Sustainable land use |


FRoSTA AG Bremerhaven

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Institut für Ländliche Strukturforschung e.V.


2003 - 2004

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Jörg Schramek