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Consulting related to the market launch of the OLBK (Organic carp from the Oberlausitz region)

In the ‘Oberlausitz Heath and Lake Landscape’ Biosphere Reserve, Armin Kullmann monitored a project on the market launch of organic carp from the Oberlausitz region. Within the scope of the ‘Sustainable Economy in Biosphere Reserves’ R&D measure, initiated by the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), substantial initiatives for a sustainable economy in two biosphere reserves (BR) had been developed beforehand. A working group for identifying and discussing the potentials of producing and marketing organic carp was established in the Oberlausitz Heath and Lake Landscape BR. Meanwhile, an ‘Oberlausitz organic carp’ brand name has been developed and introduced on the organic market. In cooperation with the project group, Armin Kullmann has developed a corresponding proposal addressed to the European Fisheries Fund in Saxonia, and, related to the market launch, has accompanied the initial communication that has taken place at trade fairs.

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Consulting | Large protected areas and cultural landscape |


Oberlausitz Heath and Lake Landscape’ Biosphere Reserve



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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein