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Consulting on citizen financing models for the planned citizen vineyard Obernhof-Weinähr

The local communities of Obernhof and Weinähr in Rhineland-Palatinate want to establish a citizen vineyard in the course of a land consolidation within the LEADER project, which will be cultivated both organically (Weinähr) and conventionally (Obernhof). In addition to the unification of traditional grape varieties and historical pruning methods, tourism and nature conservation, the focus here is particularly on citizen participation.

The aim is to design a non-profit, self-supporting citizen participation and financing model at the municipal operator level in a working group of interested parties and community representatives. In the project ‘Consulting on citizen financing models for the planned citizen vineyard Obernhof-Weinähr’, the IfLS advises the working group on technical issues and in the implementation.

Initially, the needs and expectations of the working group and the target group (citizens) will be identified and, based on this, selection criteria for finding and designing a financing model are to be developed. Likewise, the working group will be supported in data collection and questions on business management issues, as well as the decision-making and concrete implementation of the chosen civic model.

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Consulting | Socio-economics of farm business |


Local community Obernhof, Local community Weinähr

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Institut für Ländliche Strukturforschung e.V.



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Simone Sterly

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Simone Sterly