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Bioenergy Region Central Hesse – BERM 2.0

In the second programme period (2012-2015) funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, activities of the Bioenergy Regions from the first period were developed further and focused. Practical testing and realization of promoting biomass-based heat supply and the energetic usage of land care material crystallized as central topics. Tailored to the characteristics of the two administrative districts of Gießen and Vogelsberg, the project ‘Renewable Heat Supply for the Administrative District of Gießen’ was carried out in service-oriented Gießen district. A so-called ‘hedgerow management’ was initiated in the much more agriculture-oriented Vogelsberg district. Both projects are pathbreaking for a future development beyond the Central Hesse Bioenergy Region.

Together with AC Consult & Engineering Ltd., the IfLS was responsible for the realization of a development strategy within the network management of the Bioenergy Region. Furthermore, the institute especially contributed to a sub-project on nature-conservation-oriented care und energetic usage of open land hedgerows that aimed at establishing a region-wide hedgerow management. In addition, within the project’s framework the IfLS supported the foundation of energy cooperatives and analysed the creation of value added.



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Pilot project | Coordination | Klimawandel und Erneuerbare Energien |


Federal Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR)

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Institut für Ländliche Strukturforschung e.V.


2012 - 2015

Contact person/s at IfLS: 

Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein, Nicola von Kutzleben