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Biodiversity support in ELER – ELERBiodiv

The R&D project "Biodiversity Promotion by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)" was carried out jointly with entera Umweltplanung & IT and the office "12 Sterne".

For most German federal states, the EAFRD is the most important source of funding for the implementation of Natura 2000 and measures to protect biological diversity. One objective of the project was to classify the measures of the development programmes according to their added value for nature conservation and to determine the nature conservation-related budget and compare it with existing needs. The evaluations show that there is a considerable gap in nature conservation financing and that only a fraction of nature conservation requirements are actually covered. In summary, however, the EAFRD certainly offers opportunities for promoting biodiversity. However, its framework conditions continue to be strongly influenced by agriculture and need to be adapted in terms of content with regard to nature conservation, but in particular strengthened financially.

In addition, parallel efforts were made to network relevant actors. These include representatives from the ministries of the federal states, which are strategically responsible for nature conservation promotion and financing, and representatives of nature conservation associations in the monitoring committees of the EAFRD programmes. At the same time as the project, interim results were fed back to actors from the federal states. The insights gained are used to optimise the project results.

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Research | Sustainable land use |


Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


2015 - 2018

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Jörg Schramek, Dr. Holger Pabst