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Workshop on the regional recording of social benefits of organic farming

How can a regional profile of social services of organic agriculture be designed and for whom is it relevant?
This question was the topic of the virtual workshop on 28 October 2021 with actors from regional marketing, research, the organic model regions, the growers' associations and their umbrella organisations and social agriculture.

The various criteria in the three areas of regional economy, social issues and ecology were discussed in small groups.  In the case of the regional-economic criteria, a special focus was placed on what is organically cultivated/grown/marketed in the region, what of it is marketed/processed in the region and what is exported/transported to where. In the case of the ecological criteria, the focus was on hedgerows, which can make an important contribution to biodiversity, but are often located outside the field boundary and are therefore difficult to record. And in the social criteria, special emphasis was placed on people's identification with the region, to which farms contribute through their typical regional products.  

In the coming months, the regional profile will be further elaborated and tested in the two pilot regions, where the tests for farm recording are also taking place at the moment.

Further information can be found on the project website.

Contact persons at IfLS: Simone Sterly (sterly[at], Marie Sophie Schmidt (schmidt[at] and Pauline Eichenseer (eichenseer[at]