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The ideas bubbled up at the second expert workshop of the Swabian Alb UNESCO Geopark

On 27 October 2021, the expert partners from the advisory board and the committee of the UNESCO Geopark met to jointly develop initial measures and key projects for the coming years.The preparation of the master plan is slowly becoming concrete: After the first round of work on the guiding principles and strategic goals and their operationalisation, the first proposals for measures to achieve the goals were discussed.

In two consecutive rounds, the participants discussed ways to increase the visibility of the UNESCO Geopark in the region or in the social media, the valorisation of regional products or intangible cultural heritage in connection with the topics of the UNESCO Geopark, or the further education and training of regional multipliers.

The points collected will be further rounded off in consultation with relevant stakeholders until the first sketches are drawn up and incorporated into the master plan.

A final event will follow in February 2022 to round off the almost final plan.

Further information about the UNESCO Geopark can be found here.

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