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Start of planning in the Nature Park Reinhardswald

The nature park planning of the Reinhardswald Nature Park starts with a kick-off meeting and a survey. The Reinhardswald Nature Park was designated in 2017 and is thus still at the very beginning. However, great progress has already been made in the past few years in the nature park-specific fields of action.

The IfLS is building on this progress and, together with the nature park staff, professional and regional partners and the public, is developing a targeted development strategy for the coming years.

In accordance with the motto of the nature parks "protection through utilisation", the nature park plan is intended to enable the legally anchored tasks and objectives of nature parks to be achieved. Special focus is placed on the regional division of labour, synergies with regional planning and cooperation with other stakeholders in and around the nature park area.

Contact at IfLS: Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein: gerhlein[at], Hanna Kramer: kramer[at], Svea Thietje: thietje[at]