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Shepherd's path project nearing completion

The project work of the IfLS in the large-scale nature conservation project New Pastoral Paths in the Palatinate Forest is coming to an end. Over the past three years, the IfLS has prepared a socio-economic analysis for the project.

In the first phase of the socio-economic analysis, the social and economic framework conditions in the project-related planning area were recorded and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in relation to the objectives and the planned measures of the maintenance and development plan (PEPL) were derived from this. Of central importance for the chance.natur project are above all grazing farms and especially sheep farmers, with whom nature conservation measures are to be implemented. In the second phase, the IfLS concentrated on conceptual areas for implementation. These include approaches for the successful acquisition of project areas and the integration of regional livestock farms into the project. In addition, accompanying measures were developed to promote acceptance and implementation of the PEPL. The focus was on tourism, education for sustainable development (ESD) and the area of orchards in connection with the topic "New pastoral paths in the Palatinate Forest". All measures were developed in cooperation with regional stakeholders.

On 22 March 2022, the final meeting of the Project Advisory Working Group (PAG) will take place. This date also marks the end of the first project phase and thus the work of the IfLS.

Contact at IfLS: Jörg Schramek and Bettina Spengler