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Resilient and efficient mixed farming and agroforestry systems in Europe: 1st national MIXED-stakeholder workshop

In March 2021, the first stakeholder workshops took place in the EU project "MIXED", in which the benefits of mixed farming and agroforestry systems are investigated with regard to their impact on climate, environment and society. Various German actors from politics and practice met on March 23, 2021, at a workshop organized by the Institute for Rural Development Research (IfLS) to formulate the stakeholders' wishes and ideas for the project and to discuss problems and strategic solutions.

The backcasting method was used to develop the strategy where at first, the participants design a desirable future model. Then, current problems and obstacles are discussed and concrete solutions for achieving the future model are developed. The workshop focused on agroforestry systems, agroforestry systems with integrated animal husbandry, as well as organic soils with high humus content and the extensive use of peat soils, for example by cattle.

The steps that were developed to achieve these goals include the education of farmers and politicians, as well as increased cooperation between them. In addition, the recognition of services such as humus build-up, the management in cycles, as well as advisory services were discussed as important steps. For future cooperation and a successful project, the participants would like to see intensified cooperation through more exchanges and meetings, political visibility, and increased public interest.

Contact persons at IfLS: Simone Sterly (sterly[at] and Johannes Carolus (carolus[at]