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Regional Development in the Ortenau - Quo Vadis? The LEADER region on the spot

As part of the final evaluation of the current LEADER funding period, the IfLS conducted a virtual workshop in the LEADER region Ortenau on April 29, 2021. The aim was to review the implementation of the Local Development Strategy so far as well as to jointly discuss the further orientation of the LEADER region. At the event, the management of the association Regionalentwicklung Ortenau, the board and the members of the LAG (local action group) discussed, among other things, the development goals achieved so far and the future focus of the LEADER work.

It is interesting to compare the workshop with the topics and focus at the beginning of the current funding period. Whereas in 2014 the focus was on topics such as leisure and economic development, this year's workshop focused more on sustainability aspects such as climate and resource protection, sustainable mobility and the opportunities offered by digitization.

For its future work, the LAG decided to specifically address actors from agriculture and forestry, young people and creative people and to win them over for projects. The LAG also sees the sustainable development of the region as well as the revitalization of the town centers and the safeguarding of public services as further focal points of its future work.

Contact persons at IfLS: Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein (gehrlein[at] and Oliver Müller (mueller[at]