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Possibilities for strengthening climate protection in agricultural support programs: Study published

The new funding period of the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU (CAP) is approaching and with it the further development of the agricultural support programmes of the so-called 2nd pillar of the CAP, also against the background of climate protection. As part of the Evaluation of the Rural Development Programme of Baden-Wuerttemberg 2014 to 2020 (MEPL III), the Institute for Rural Development Research (IfLS) and the University of Hohenheim conducted an ad hoc study on the question of how climate protection can be integrated into such programs.

In this report, after an introduction to the development and origin of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, some basic considerations on climate protection measures in connection with agriculture are explained. Concrete starting points and measures for climate protection are characterized, which can be supported by agricultural subsidy programmes. Selected approaches are analyzed in terms of their potential to reduce emissions and associated costs. Recommendations for climate-relevant support measures are derived from the results of the study.

The study is available online at the MLR Baden-Württemberg website (in German).

Contact person at IfLS: Heike Nitsch (nitsch[at]