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No increase in administrative burden for farmers since 2013 reform

This is the key message of the report published by the European Commission, on which the IfLS contributed a case study in Bavaria. The study was carried out by ECORYS and aims to examine the costs and administrative burden of the current systems for managing and controlling a large part of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) expenditure.

To achieve that, the elements of the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) and the Land Identification System, the related control mechanisms and the costs associated with cross-compliance were analysed and evaluated.

The study concludes that since the reform of the CAP in 2013, the administrative costs for farmers associated with the CAP have not increased significantly and represent 2% of the total aid received. The cost to the national authorities is estimated at around 3% of the CAP budget, having increased by a third since the introduction of a new system of control and management of payments in 2013.

The full study is available online (in English).

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