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Nationwide survey on insect protection measures and the potential for such measures in nature parks

On behalf of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, the IfLS is organising a series of conferences on the topic of "Insect protection measures and the potential behind them for large-scale protected areas". The target group is primarily representatives of nature parks and biosphere reserves.

In order to prepare and analyse the current situation, a survey on current insect protection measures in nature parks was carried out at the beginning of the year with the support of the Association of German Nature Parks [in german: "Verband Deutscher Naturparke e.V."] and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. In addition, the IfLS conducted an online research on measures at the district level. For biosphere reserves, the Federal Agency already has a list of corresponding measures. The compilation of the information now available is intended to provide as complete a picture as possible of insect protection measures, which will form the starting point for further discussions within the framework of the conference series.

The first conference will take place from May 23-25, 2022 at the International Academy for Nature Conservation on the island of Vilm. As a result of sending out a save-the-date, it has become clear that there is great interest in the conference on the part of the protected areas. A second conference is planned for 2023.

While the first conference is aimed at representatives of large protected areas from northern and eastern Germany, the second conference will focus on representatives of large protected areas from southern and western Germany.

Contact at IfLS: Dr Ulrich Gehrlein: gerhlein[at], Hanna Kramer: kramer[at]