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Innovative approaches to mixed farming and agroforestry

Through four case studies in the UK, Poland, Portugal and Denmark, the MIXED project tests approaches to mixed farming and agroforestry in order to generate robust knowledge underpinning these practices and discuss their potential in the context of climate change. The approaches have been presented in webinars over the past months, the recordings of which are now available.

- Sheep grazing of winter cereals for winter forage and soil quality in Scotland (to the webinar)
The study tests and refines management options for introducing sheep to graze winter cereals in Scotland on an experimental basis.

- Animal welfare, environmental and climate impacts of a silvo-pastoral agroforestry system in organic pig fattening, Denmark (to the webinar)
Experimental testing of a housing system combining concrete runs with access to an area planted with poplars.

- Evaluation of silvo-pastoral oak agroforestry systems (Montado) in Portugal (to the webinar)
How to continue managing the traditionally pasture-based montado in a sustainable way? Emergy assessment for extensive livestock management in cork oak forests is used to investigate just that in this case study.

- Impact of hedgerows on crop production, soil properties and weeds, Poland (to the webinar)
The study in Juchowo (western Poland) aims to investigate the impact of tree strips of different ages, species and architecture on crop yields and selected environmental parameters such as soil temperature and moisture, earthworm density and insect diversity.

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