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Four million euros for innovations in agriculture in Rhineland-Palatinate

As part of the 2nd call for proposals for the "European Innovation Partnership on Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability" (EIP-Agri), seven innovative projects were selected for funding on August 14, 2019 by the Evaluation Committee of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate (consisting of representatives of MUEEF, MWVLW and ADD). The projects have a total of around four million euros at their disposal to implement their project ideas.

Although all projects make an important contribution to EIP-Agri's main objective - to link agricultural practice more closely with science, advice and other actors and to produce more with less - the thematic range of the funded projects is diverse. Among other things, questions on the cultivation of malting barley in organic farming, the testing of alternative pest control strategies in sugar beet cultivation or the further development of partially mobile slaughtering are being investigated.

Already in December 2018, potential operational groups (OG) were called upon to apply for funding with innovative project ideas. Since then, the IfLS has supported both the EAFRD administrative authority in implementing the 2nd call for proposals and the OGs in developing ideas and applying in the procedure.

A detailed description of the selected projects can be found here.

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