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Experts' workshops on central fields of action of the LEADER region Lahn-Dill-Wetzlar

The LEADER region Lahn-Dill-Wetzlar [link in german] exchanged ideas with regional partners on the coming years' work in order to incorporate the collected considerations into the local development strategy (LES).

Like so many rural regions, the LEADER region Lahn-Dill-Wetzlar is also working on the preparation of a development strategy for submission to the competition procedure of the State of Hesse, in order to subsequently be recognised - if selected - as a LEADER region for the years 2023 - 2027.

After a kick-off event to which the general public was invited, the second step was for regional experts to discuss possible visions in the four fields of action that the region would like to address in the future. In order to turn the vision into reality, concrete starting points for implementation were identified and discussed.

All the approaches collected were incorporated into the revision of the target strategy and provide a more concrete picture of the future orientation.

Contact at IfLS: Dr Ulrich Gehrlein: gerhlein[at], Hanna Kramer: kramer[at]