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EIP special issue "Together for the agriculture of the future" now online available

The first funding period with EIP-Agri is coming to an end. Over the course of more than 7 years, innovative projects have been implemented throughout Germany, exchange and knowledge transfer have been promoted and new insights for the future have been gained. The brochure "Together for the Agriculture of the Future" summarises the first funding period of the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-Agri) in Germany.

Since the launch of EIP-Agri in 2014, more than 320 EIP projects have been implemented across Germany. The EIP special issue aims to take account of the many insights gained. Therefore, participants from EIP projects and innovation service providers (IDL) have their say. Other articles explain what innovations within the framework of EIP-Agri actually are and shed light on how knowledge transfer works and how results can establish permanently. A look is also taken at the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS).

The brochure was published in September 2022 as a special issue in "Berichte über Landwirtschaft". The booklet is available online and in print [in german].

Together with the other innovation service providers and the DVS, the IfLS was also involved in the creation of various articles. The IfLS has been active as an IDL in Hesse since 2014 and as an IDL in Saxony-Anhalt and Rhineland-Palatinate since 2019.

Contact persons at the IfLS: Dr Ulrich Gehrlein (gehrlein[at], Oliver Müller (mueller[at] and Svea Thietje (thietje[at]