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Completion of the Master Plan of the UNESCO Global Geopark Swabian Alb

In order to address the tasks of a UNESCO Global Geopark in the future, a master plan for the UNESCO Geopark Swabian Alb was developed last year with the participation of regional stakeholders and has now been completed.

The tasks of a UNESCO Geopark are multifaceted: preserving the geoscientific heritage of a region, making it possible to experience the history of the Earth, developing the region, strengthening education and research, and promoting sustainable development. UNESCO Global Geoparks see themselves internationally as model regions for sustainable development.

The success of the Swabian Alb UNESCO Geopark is based on the close cooperation with the members of its own committees and their active and committed support in implementing the measures and achieving the goals. Since the Swabian Alb UNESCO Geopark has a comparatively large area and low personnel resources, its own vision, mission statements and goals must be implemented with further multipliers, knowledge must be communicated and actions must be bundled. The master plan shows a way how the UNESCO Geopark can achieve added value for all.  

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