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Acting for the climate: How EU agricultural policy could contribute to climate protection

The current issue of 'Forschung Frankfurt', the science magazine of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, is dedicated to the climate crisis from different perspectives. Starting with historical and technical backgrounds on human influence on the earth's atmosphere, to worsening crises of biodiversity, groundwater supplies, forest dieback or potential infections. How does climate change affect social coexistence, what does it mean for issues of global justice?

The task of science and researchers is also discussed. In view of the crisis' scale, their voices have not yet been sufficiently heard either in politics or by the general public. The issue concludes with the big question 'how do we move from knowledge to action?' and highlights opportunities for action at the political and individual levels. The Institute for Rural Development Research contributed an article on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and shows how this could contribute to climate protection with an ecological reorientation of support measures for farmers after 2020.

Other articles deal with the question of how cities can adapt to climate change, or what alternative mobility and electricity (storage) concepts could achieve.

You can read the entire issue online here (in German).

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